28th September – 5th October 2019

We will embark as a group on a Meditative and Creative Journey.

Each session will include a journey to the realms of the greater resources of your universal nature. Together we will add to this with creative elements and exercises that enhance and nurture the transformational capacity of what you receive during the journey.

The daily sessions will lead you to connect confidently with the treasures of your heart and soul. Through guided journeys we will explore and reclaim the qualities of spirit you so long to embody. Meditations will create space to receive the wealth of you that awaits discovery.

  • Most afternoons are free for relaxation, nurturing, integration and play.
  • We will gather together in the evenings in ways that enhance our creativity and community experience.
  • The venue is an exceptionally creative space for integration and rejuvenation.
  • Be ready to make extraordinary connections and feel your heart sing.
  • You will immerse yourself in new ways of being and emerge with this new reality, in body and mind.
  • Great things are going to happen….let the magic and mystery unfold.

Please see the Detailed Daily Schedule below.

* All times below are La Finca, Spain local time *

Saturday 28th September


Settle into your room and enjoy the beautiful setting. Snacks and cool drinks available.

14.00 pm to 17.00 pm – Check-in and relax

17.00 pm – Group welcome, overview of facilities and what is in store for the week

19.00 pm – Dinner

20.30 pm to 21.30pm – New Moon ceremony and intentions

IS - Retreat Schedule

Sunday 29th September

Reunite with the flow of your inner resources for divine inspiration

Create heart and soul centred longings and intentions for the week and your life going forward. We will explore opportunities to ignite what wants to emerge from your deepest and most expansive sense of self. Let yourself open up to new ways of being you never dreamed possible.

8.30 am  – Qi Gong / Movement

9.30 am  – Leisurely Breakfast

10.45 am  – Group Session

13.00 pm  – Lunch

Personal time

18.30 pm – Dinner and evening gathering

Monday 30th September

Cultivate the flames of vibrancy within you

Discover the inner treasures of your unique gifts and strengths. Bring light to what holds you back from the natural state of joy and prosperity. Enter the flow of your abundant nature with a limitless supply of inspired enthusiasm.

8.30 am – Qi Gong / Movement

9.30 am – Leisurely Breakfast

10.45 am – Group Session

13.00 pm – Lunch

Personal time

18.30 pm – Dinner and evening gathering

IS - Retreat Schedule

Tuesday 1st October

All-day experience

We will visit the picturesque hilltop village of Mojacar Pueblo. The charming cobbled streets are filled with cafes and boutiques with a spectacular viewpoint to the valleys below. For those who wish, we will then have lunch at the beach resort and spend the afternoon enjoying the Sun & Mediterranean Sea.

8.00 am – Qi Gong / Movement

9.00 am – Leisurely Breakfast

10.00 am – Day trip to Mojacar Pueblo for shopping, sightseeing

13.00 pm – Lunch at beachside restaurant

Afternoon by the beach and at the coastal resort

18.00 pm – Return to La Finca Paradiso

18.30 pm – Dinner and evening gathering

Wednesday 2nd October

Receive the resources that empower and nurture you

Discover the elements that will support your intuitive guidance connection. What new ingredients are available to catalyse the potency of what you are creating?

8.30 am – Qi Gong / Movement

9.30 am – Leisurely Breakfast

10.45 am – Group Session

13.00 pm – Lunch

Personal time

18.30 pm – Dinner and evening gathering

IS_ Retreat Schedule

Thursday 3rd October

Cabo de Gata Natural Park Experience

We will visit this incredible nature and marine reserve where there is a range of activities to choose from: walking, hiking, water sports, horse-riding or simply taking in the wildlife that it has to offer. We will decide as a group where to go and what to enjoy nearer the time.

8.00 am – Early Breakfast

9.00 am – Day trip to Cabo de Gata Natural Park with picnic lunch

15.00 pm – Return to La Finca Paradiso

Personal time

18.30 pm – Dinner and evening gathering

Friday 4th October

Map the stars of your brilliant inner constellation

Gather and bring together what you have been inspired to receive during the week. Get in touch with your natural ability to effortlessly incorporate these riches into your new reality.

8.30 am – Qi Gong / Movement

9.30 am – Leisurely Breakfast

10.45 am – Group Session

13.00 pm – Lunch

Personal time

18.30 pm – Dinner, dancing and party

IS_ Retreat Schedule
IS_ Retreat Schedule

Saturday 5th October

How to bring your dynamic universe home

Bridge this week’s developed magnificence of your inner universe into the playing field of your life. Feel complete with what has emerged from within your heart.

8.00 am – Qi Gong / Movement

9.00 am – Leisurely Breakfast

10.00 am – 11.00 am – Closing session and farewells

12.00 noon  – Check out

Evening Gathering

There is a variety of playful options to enjoy each evening, according to group consensus. This could include:

  • Flamenco performance / dance class
  • Star gazing
  • Party, music and dancing
  • Arts and crafts session
  • Infinite possibilities are with us!
IS_ Retreat - flamenco