28th September – 5th October 2019

La Finca Paradiso – A Sanctuary for Transformation

Mojacar – Andalucia, Spain

Explore the Magnificence of your Inner Universe

We are delighted to announce a unique collaboration between Imagination Spa and Soul Mastery, bringing you a magical week of heart opening and soul guided experiences.

Our retreat adventure welcomes you as a leader in your own creative field. You have been contributing your gifts and talents and generous heart so beautifully. Now you are called to come into a space to resource the depth and breadth of even more of the fullness of your inner revelation.

Here you will rejuvenate and replenish the fabric of joyful connection, sprinkled with plenty of lightness of being and laughter. We will create a living constellation to expand your capacity to receive the wealth of your spirit and further embody that richness, with love.

To spend a week with those who honor and love you for your unique essence is priceless. Roles and responsibilities are dropped. You can come as you are! The sanctuary we create together will allow you to be deeply held by infinite Love’s embrace.


Hear about all that is possible and available for this magical adventure in Spain

  • Journey to your inner universe to discover a rich, reward-filled sanctuary for all of your creations.

  • Imagine what it would be like, while savoring the beauty and flair of Spain and its magical culture, to bring forth the best of that majestic landscape within, generated by spirit’s ever-expanding hand upon the texture of your beautiful life.

  • This is the adventure you are about to embark upon with us!

Inside you, there is a whole universe of creativity which has the power to transform your perspective and open you to new, never before seen, ways you can be in the world.

Imagine that you can increasingly expand your ability to bridge the many dimensions of you into the here and now.

With inner power and outer grace, you can fly on the wings of love.

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